Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lost no más

From the moment I arrived I have been longing for my city map of Buenos Aires that I had last year. It went missing during my move, so I've been trying to reorient myself using the substandard paper tourist maps that are not directionally-oriented to the north. I don't have a natural sense of direction in any city, but my Discovery Channel map was so useful in helping me to figure out where I am in relation to the water... just like in Seattle.

Tonight, I reached for my Argentina guide in search of a map of the entire country, and on the back flap was... ¡my city map of Buenos Aires! My favorite map, right there in front of me, and it was like the veil of disorientation was lifted in front of my eyes. My Argentina guide was published by the Discovery Channel. I'm so happy about this. It isn't as big as my laminated, tourist red flag map, but it has a north/south orientation and I am ecstatic to have made this discovery.


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