Friday, June 29, 2007

Yo he llegado... ¡Finalmente!

Yay! I finally arrived in Buenos Aires after 24 hours and three different plane rides. I flew Delta because it was the least expensive and now I understand why. I flew Seattle to LA to Atlanta to Buenos Aires, but in Atlanta they had no record of my e-ticket. The flight from LA to Atlanta to Buenos Aires was the same flight number, and I was given a boarding pass in Seattle that just said LA to BsAs. This caused so much confusion for the ¡ONE! person working the counter AND boarding people at the Delta gate that she really didn't even want to deal with me. Finally she called for some help after everyone else had boarded this over-booked flight, and one can imagine my overwhelmed state of emotion thinking that they weren't going to let me on the plane after 30+ hours without sleep. Yes, I was crying. I have no doubt that helped.

But none of that is important now because I´m in Argentina and it feels like I never left. My apartment is great and so far I´ve just been trying to catch up on much-needed sleep. My friend Tasha is coming on Tuesday to stay with me and I´m really looking forward to seeing her. She has been traveling in Central America the past few months and now she´s heading south to start exploring this continent with me. ¡Que divertido!


Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Return

I am leaving for Argentina in less than a month now. This is going to be my official blog site for this experience, so I hope everyone will bookmark it and check back over the next few months. Supposedly I am going to have internet access in my apartment in Buenos Aires, so that will make this blogging process a little easier.

I am also going to attempt something else this summer in addition to maintaining a blog. I am going to try to make an audio documentary to tell the story of my experience of learning Spanish. I may include some video footage if I am feeling so technically inclined. I hope to incorporate this form of audio journalism into my Spanish and Latin American studies at Evergreen in order to fuse some sort of This American Life-inspired Spanish/English hybrid major. Oh, Evergreen...

But first, Argentina! I leave on June 28 at some ridiculously early hour. I guess I'll keep everyone posted.